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Tamper Evident

When dealing with checks, cash, currency or other negotiable items, it’s imperative to ensure these items remain intact from one touchpoint of your business transaction to the next. SECUR-PAK’s complete line of cash management products to help you keep your negotiables secure throughout your business cycle: at the point of sale; the cashing out of a register drawer; the nightly bank drop; to deposit via an armored carrier.

State-of-the-art Features, Maximum Security

SECUR-PAK tamper-evident packaging is comprised of 100% recyclable virgin polyethylene plastic products, ensuring that bags have consistent strength and reliability. In addition to its composition, SECUR-PAK’s security system is defined by its patented self-sealing closure system. This means that once your currency, cash, checks or negotiables are sealed, they will remain so until they reach the next point of your business cycle. Always secure, always reliable.

Available exclusively on SECUR-PAK bags, SECUR-TAPE is impervious to all temperature controlling agents. Any attempt to open the bag will leave visible signs instantly. The word "VOID" will appear when a cooling agent is used, while heating the seal will cause the word "TAMPERED" to appear. The bags’ unique pouch-style seals feature indents on either side of the bag, making it impossible to slit, reopen or reseal. And to prevent bag-switching and theft, the bags feature sequential numbering on both the bag itself and the receipt.

These features help create substantial cost and time savings over conventional lead- or plastic-sealed enclosures.

SECUR-PAK tamper-evident packaging features a series of unique innovations to provide the best security in the packaging marketplace: View All Innovations.

Printed two colors, one side with single tape closure, sequential numbers with receipt. 

Primarily used internally for transfer of non-negotiable items: endorsed checks, food stamps, etc. 

Item Number Bag Size Bags Per Case Bill Capacity
 SCL-.7T 7" x 12" 1000 750
 SCL-1T 9" x 12" 1000 1000
 SCL-1TW (With Outside Pouch) 9" x 12" 1000 1000
 SCL-2T 12" x 16" 500 2000
 SCLR-2TW (With Outside Pouch) 12" x 16" 500 2000
 SCL-6T 15" x 19" 500 6000
 SCO-.7T 7" x 12" 1000 750
 SCO-1T 9" x 12" 1000  1000 
 SCO-1TW (With Outside Pouch) 9" x 12" 1000  1000 
 SCO-2T 12" x 16" 500 2000 
 SCO-2TW (With Outside Pouch) 12" x 16" 500  2000 
 SCO-4T 14" x 19" 500  4000 
 SCO-6T 15" x 19" 500  6000 
 SCO-8T 19" x 19" 500  8000 
 SCO-12T 19" x 24" 300  12000 
 SCO-14T 22" x 24" 300  14000 
 SCO-20T 22" x 33" 200 22000


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