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Poly Mailers

Connover's specialty security bags and mailing envelopes are developed to provide the same unique security features for specific industry usages, while maintaining the high quality of our security packaging.

Available in clear and opaque films, offering excellent printability, superior strength, and proven water resistance. The strength to weight-ratios permit use of lighter-weight film, saving on postage costs when mailing items. We offer both permanent or seal/reseal closures with a wide choice of sizes.

Made with your customers in mind

Connover recognizes the importance of keeping products intact when mailing them from one destination to the next. That's why we offer custom features to ensure that items reach their destination with clear chain of custody and in their intended condition.

Custom Connover mailing bags are available in sizes:

  • 3" x 3" for small packages
  • Up to 30" x 48" for large packages

Stock sizes available in various sizes. Inquire based on your needs.

To learn more about our shipping bags, contact us today.