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Law Enforcement

The ability to protect crime scene evidence can make or break a case. Tamper-proof evidence bags are crucial for preventing mishandling and contamination when transporting samples and materials to the police station or lab for storage or testing.

Connover Packaging, formerly known as SECUR-PAK, offers high-quality law enforcement bags that preserve evidence throughout the chain of custody for proper analysis. Our bags significantly reduce the risk of compromised evidence that could impact criminal proceedings, derail an investigation and violate the law. 

Crime Scenevidence bage Evidence Bags With a Host of Advanced Features

Connover Packaging evidence and secure handling systems include numerous durability and security features designed to maintain sample integrity throughout the collection process. Our police evidence bags consist of clear polyethylene films designed to endure the handling spectrum and lower the chance of punctures and tears.

Our evidence and property bags also include writable areas with lines that allow for identification and reference to aid the documentation process. You'll find it easy to record the case number, agency, officer, date, suspect, victim and crime scene location. Sequential numbering located on the bag’s body and adhesive liner safeguard against “bag switching,” effectively establishing an audit trail. 

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Police examining evidenceTamper-Proof Evidence Bags You Can Trust

SECUR-PAK Evidence and Security handling system offers both durability and security features that eliminate the risk of tampering and help to establish the necessary chain of custody during the evidence collection process. SECUR-PAK Evidence and Security handling system is comprised of either clear polyethylene films that endure the spectrum of evidence handling. Our newest Level 4 tape closure delivers the highest level of proof of tampering. Visible messaging and thermochromic ink demonstrate physical tampering and the use of cold or heat tamper technology.


Exclusive to Connover Packaging/SECUR-PAK bags, SECUR-TAPE is immune to all temperature controlling agents. Should anyone try to open the bag, the security technology will immediately produce visible signs and present a "VOID" label. Pouch-style seals include indents on both of the bag's sides to prevent reopening and make it impossible to slit or reseal.

Custom Crime Scene Evidence Bags

If none of our stock evidence bags meet your needs, we can provide a custom solution that delivers the best results for your law enforcement agency. We'll work closely with you to incorporate the features that ensure the bag performs to your expectations. We'll use your specifications to create a functional prototype, enabling you to view and test the product before committing to an order. Free samples are also available upon request.

Connover's Evidence Bags

More Than 30 Years of Police Evidence Bag Experience and Expertise

Since 1990, Connover Packaging/SECUR-PAK has been working in conjunction with major law enforcement agencies to create custom secure crime scene and prisoner processing products. Besides our superior customization capabilities, we offer the flexibility to order in smaller bulk quantities than those available from many of our larger, less nimble competitors. We can generate custom orders in amounts as low as 5,000 bags. You'll also get on-time deliveries and excellent customer service every step of the way.

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Browse our inventory of tamper-proof evidence bags online today. To get a custom quote or discuss your project requirements with the Connover Packaging team, give us a call at 1.800.770.4906. You can also fill out and submit our contact form for a quick response.

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