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Pharmacy / Hospital

Patients trust in the care that hospitals provide. Our SECUR-PAK Hospital and Pharmacy bags are trusted to store and transport patient valuables and medical prescriptions allowing for peace of mind. When the focus is on the patient, let Connover protect the rest with durability, security, and legal compliance.

Patient Valuable Bags

Our SECUR-PAK tamper-evident seals keep patient's valuable items safe during their hospital stay. Our adhesive closure bags range in sizes ensuring the safety of jewelry, wallets, I.D., money, etc. With features such as tear-off receipt, sequential numbering, and writable space, our bags are designed to make the storage and return of patient valuables easier and clearer.

Medical Prescription Bags

Our SECUR-PAK tamper-resistant pharmaceutical transport bags are customizable, come in sizes ranging from small to large, and are available in white or clear.

Our labels easily display chain-of-custody, medication information, dosage, dates of shipment, and receipt.

We offer customizable bags for pharmaceutical storage and shipping such as:

  • Clear prescription issue bags to ensure medication reaches the patient without tampering
  • Drug postal return bags to keep our water systems safe

To learn more about our patient valuable and medical prescription bags, contact us today.