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We wanted to remind you SECUR-PAK has changed its name to Connover Packaging. You will still receive the same great products and service as always. There is no change to ownership, your account service team, or our address. The purpose of the name change is to reflect our expanded portfolio of offerings to serve you better.




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The most tamper evident cash bag on the market today.

The heart of SECUR-PAK's security system is its patented self-sealing closure system. Products designed for the secure and tamper-evident transport of cash, coins, checks, and more, these products feature the industry’s most secure and reliable tamper-evident and permanent adhesive seals.

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It’s a crime if you’ve never used our evidence bags.

Since 1990 SECUR-PAK has been working in conjunction with major law enforcement agencies to create products for secure crime scenes and prisoner processing.

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Don’t play games with any other bag.

SECUR-PAK offers a range of products adapted and/or invented for the casino, racetrack and gaming environments. Used in chorus with our proven currency and cash management bags, SECUR-PAK delivers a complete security system for loss prevention.

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Pharmacy/Hospital Bags

SECUR-PAK bags are available for medical environments to give patients peace of mind when storing and transporting their valuables. Pharmacies can use them to provide a tamper-resistant solution when delivering medicine and prescription drugs.

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Custom Bags

We work with you to design custom SECUR-PAK evidence, deposit and shopping bags that meet your specifications and requirements. Our customization capabilities include a wide variety of adhesive seals and resealable closures, pouch configurations, materials and more. We also offer six-color custom printing that enables you to convey your business or organization's logo, slogan or marketing message.

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Why Choose Connover Packaging?

Besides offering high-quality custom and stock SECUR-PAK bags for sale, Connover Packaging offers more than 30 years of experience and expertise serving industries ranging from restaurants and food service to law enforcement, banks, retail, health care, casinos and others. We also have the flexibility to fill smaller orders — we'll produce custom SECUR-PAK evidence bags and other products in quantities as low as 5,000. And with our commitment to delivering top-notch service, you'll always enjoy the best customer experience at Connover Packaging.

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To get a custom SECUR-PAK bag quote, fill out and submit our online form or give us a call at 1.800.770.4906 to discuss your project with one of our knowledgeable representatives. You can also request a free sample of our SECUR-PAK solutions and other products.